Meet our team, We have more than 20 years hands-on experience in the healthcare industry.


RN, M.B.A., Grad.Dip. Acute Care (Nurs)., B.N., CCCert., A & E (Adult/ Paed) Cert, Cert.IV Training & Assessment. Managing Director of LearnPRN.

Robin has a strong background in emergency nursing and nurse education.

Her current role encompasses teaching nurses and allied health professionals at all types of health care facilities, from Bush Nursing Centres and GP practice divisions, to large regional hospitals, in both classroom and clinical settings. She currently provides clinical education services to major health care facilities in regional Australia.

Robin was a long-term instructor for the Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC), International Trauma Life Support Course (ITLS), and the Emergency Nursing Paediatric Course (ENPC), three international programs available in Australia through the Australian College of Emergency Nursing (ACEN) an institution for which Robin was a founding member of the advisory board.

Robin has a keen interest in rural and emergency nursing issues, representing rural education on a number of local, state and national committees and Boards. She is involved in various educational projects, regularly working in association with a variety of organisations, including Universities, General Practice Divisions, Australian College of Emergency Nurses and running rural workshops across Australia.

Robin travels regularly throughout rural Australia delivering training and lecturing on a wide variety of health care issues, and is frequently requested to speak at conferences and workshops. In 2001 Robin edited the successful 3rd edition of the Emergency Nursing Guidelines, and has edited the Victorian remote area nurse guidelines. In 2007 Robin and Kaye authored 2 chapters in the Emergency Triage Education Kit (ETEK) which is a national Triage education curriculum. This kit was launched in October 2007 and funded by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Aging.


Consultant Educator

Sally Evans is a critical care trained registered nurse, with a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). After gaining a sound foundation in general nursing, Sally has worked extensively in critical care, emergency and education environments. Sally’s particular passion is combining clinical knowledge with customer service to ensure safe, high quality patient care.

Sally enjoys teaching clinicians to look at the big picture, and use their analytical skills through a mixture of theoretical and practical learning approaches. Scenario and problem based learning activities are interwoven to maximise retention of concepts such as fluid and electrolyte balance, pathology, pharmacology and other complex care issues.


Consultant Educator

Joy Boyd is an experienced psychiatric nurse and brings her expertise to Learn PRN to provide training that is interactive and enjoyable.

Her expertise is in providing person centred care, working with the mentally ill, working with people with complex needs including dementia care, Triage assessments and preventing and managing aggression.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants from individual workplace.


Office Administration

Sporting a couple of degrees, including a Master of Business Administration, MC (that’s what we call her) runs all aspects of our business and administration.

If you call the office, it’s likely that she’ll be the one that you talk to. MC loves working for the family business, but also has a secret identity as a professional actress in and around Melbourne.


IT Developer

Kelly is our Web and eLearning developer and has been with LearnPRN since the very beginning. Tasked with everything from designing our website and eLearning programs, to saving the day when the printer won’t do what it’s told, Kelly’s technical expertise is revered by the rest of the team.