IV Cannulation

This program is designed for the registered nurse already educated and assessed as competent in performing Intravenous Cannulation in the adult client.

The intent of the program is to provide the experienced registered nurse with a comprehensive theoretical review of the Intravenous Cannulation procedure and the associated issues.

The program reflects the Victorian Department of Human Services ‘Intravenous Cannulation Curriculum for Registered Nurses’ and is designed to be used as the theoretical component for maintenance of competence in Intravenous Cannulation.

It is important that this program be used as an adjunct to the organisation’s policies and procedures related to Intravenous Cannulation


To assist the registered nurse to maintain and demonstrate current theoretical knowledge related to
Intravenous Cannulation.


  • At the completion of these program participants will be able to:
  • Identify pertinent medico-legal and professional responsibilities related to the practice of Intravenous Cannulation.
  • Locate and name potential Intravenous Cannulation sites.
  • Select appropriate Intravenous Cannulation equipment to suit a range of conditions.
  • Identify appropriate techniques to ensure safe practice.
  • Relate complications to their causative factors.
  • Recognise strategies to minimise complications.

Duration: 2 – 3 Hours

IV cannulation