We have a large range of contemporary nurse training programs that are ideal for clinical and non clinical healthcare staff.

On-site Nurse Training & Education can be provided at your location, and our experienced educators are available to deliver education anywhere in Australasia.

Our educators understand and are sensitive to the needs of public and private healthcare settings. Our sessions are informative, interactive and enjoyable for all participants.

If we do not have a program that you require, please contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.

We are very flexible and are fully committed to adjusting our education delivery to suit your needs, staff availability and rosters. Our fees are based on ‘per day’ costs rather than ‘per head’ which makes our face to face education affordable and available to all.

onsite training acute care update residential care

Acute Care Update – Residential Care

This program is designed as an update for the registered nurse working in residential care. The intent of the program

Advanced ECG Skills

Advanced ECG Skills

Advanced life support refresher testing

Advanced Life Support – Refresher and Testing

This program provides a comprehensive 2 hour update on the latest changes in ARC policy and ALS practice, and is

Advanced Life Support Workshop

Advanced Life Support – Initial Workshop

The aim of this program is to enhance the your skill's in advanced life support using the Australian Resuscitation Council

Assessment Skills Workshop

Assessment Skills Workshop

The aim of this program is to develop the accuracy and skills of the nurse conducting a physical assessment and

Basic life support

Basic Life Support

This program was designed to be used in conjunction with you annual Basic Life Support training. By completing this program,

Basic Life Support / Advanced Life Support – Workplace Assessor Training

Basic Life Support / Advanced Life Support – Workplace Assessor Training

Basic Life Support Update

Basic Life Support Update

Cardiac Monitoring Workshop

Cardiac Monitoring Workshop

This program aims to enhance your ability to manage the patient undergoing cardiac monitoring and to achieve quality monitoring outcomes.

Communications Skills in a healthcare environment

Communications Skills in a Health Care Environment

Communication within the health care environment can be challenging and complex. Messages between the sender and receiver are often complex

Customer Service in healthcare

Customer Service in Health Care

The concept of customer service is still to be fully embraced by healthcare employees and this program is designed to

Pain Management

Early Management of Anaphylaxis and CPR Refresher for Immunisation Staff

This practical, interactive program refreshes the emergency management of anaphylaxis and the principles of CPR. It is consistent with the

ECG Interpretation

ECG Interpretation – The Normal and Abnormal 12 lead ECG

This program may be delivered in a number of formats to suit your staff. E.g. 3 x 6 hr days

Emergency equipment update

Emergency Equipment Update

The aim of this program is to increase the competence and confidence of nurses handling emergency equipment available within their

Emergency Management Skills

Emergency Management Skills for General Practice Staff

To prepare all practice staff to deal with critical illness, such as cardiac arrest, discussing priorities and teaching, practising and

Errors at work - exploring the issues

Errors at work – exploring the issues

How to do a successful presentation

How to do a successful presentation

IV cannulation

IV Cannulation

This program is designed for the registered nurse already educated and assessed as competent in performing Intravenous Cannulation in the

Legal issues and documentation in nursing

Legal Issues and Documentation in Nursing

The aim of this program is to raise awareness of legal responsibility. The day includes activities, case studies and strategies

Management of difficult behaviours

Management of Difficult Behaviours

This workshop will explore a range strategies to assist staff to manage different communication styles and difficult situations involving client



The aim of this program is to maintain the general nurse's knowledge and skills related to providing paediatric care in

Physical Assessment Skills

Physical Assessment Skills

This interactive workshop looks exclusively at the physical skills required for patient assessment and provides opportunity to practise these. They

Recognition and management of the deteriorating patient

Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Patient

The aim of this program is to develop the skills to recognise and manage clinical deterioration. It is relevant to

Respiratory Assessment

Respiratory Assessment

This program is designed to develop the participant's current knowledge of the principles and practice of respiratory assessment and management.

Service organisation reception training introduction

Service Organisation Reception Training (SORT) introduction

To prepare reception staff and nurses for the development and implementation of a priority access system to improve entry to

Service organisation reception training workshop

Service Organisation Reception Training (SORT) Workshop

A daily reality for staff in health service organisations is that requests for services often exceed availability. How are staff

Team Building Skills

Team Building Skills

This program aims to enhance the healthcare team leaders understanding of the way in which effective teams build and function.

Telephone Triage Skills

Telephone Triage Skills

To prepare nurses for the rapidly expanding nursing role of telephone triage, either as a means of improving after hours

Triage an Introduction

Triage- An Introduction

Triage is the process whereby health professionals ensure that patients are seen in accordance with the acuity of their symptoms.