The reality is that

cost effective mandatory education and health care training compliance can be difficult to achieve and manage.

mandatory education

Our Audience:

Our Focus:

Our Flexibility:

What makes us different?


LearnPRN educators are qualified nurses and understand/practice what we teach.


LearnPRN educators have network of contacts within education and health industries and are well respected in their fields of expertise.


LearnPRN educators are published authors on key health training and related topics.


LearnPRN has the ability to offer both face-to-face and eLearning educations programs which is unique in the health industry.


LearnPRN education programs are offered for professional, legislative and accreditation compliance as well as personal development.


There is a LearnPRN educator behind every eLearning program. If participants require assistance, they can speak with an educator from LearnPRN.


No up-front fees for eLearning programs that have already been developed. No purchase orders is too small. For large enrollment numbers, monthly invoicing options may be available.


All online programs are continually upgraded through R&D to reflect industry changes.

Above all we stand out as education providers because our health care education sessions are enjoyable, entertaining and fun!