LearnPRN works with Nursing Agencies in Australia & New Zealand to ensure their staff are up to date in mandatory education topics.

LearnPRN will help your Agency’s Clinicians exceed the expectations of healthcare staff and patients. We understand that the needs of every agency are slightly different; laws differ across the states and countries, and many agencies specialise in a particular field.

Does your Nursing Agency ensure that your staff are up to date with their training requirements?
Does your Nursing Agency pride itself on sending quality clinicians to facilities in your area?
Does your Nursing Agency keep a training record of your clinicians in the form of education reports and/or certificates?

If so – LearnPRN can most certainly help your organisation! We find that many Nursing Agencies prefer online education as it is flexible, inexpensive, and time efficient. Our online programs automatically save progress, meaning students can stop and start as they wish.

Our education programs are designed for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, personal care attendants as well as non-clinical residential staff.

We offer Nursing Agencies many flexible eLearning solutions, the most popular of which are listed below:


Bulk Enrolments

Some smaller agencies don’t have enough clinicians to warrant a personalised domain, but still wish to provide quality online education to their staff. This is where bulk enrolments can be useful. The Agencies pre-purchases a number of enrolments at a discounted price, and we then enrol your clinicians as needed.


Privately Paid Training

If you prefer that your clinicians pay for their own training, then we can simply be your ‘preferred supplier’. We form a relationship where you recommend LearnPRN as your ‘preferred education provider’ on your website and to your clinicians, and we offer a small discount to the nurses referred to us by your Agency.

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